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@tailwindcss/typography 插件添加了一组可定制的 prose 类,您可以用它为任何普通的 HTML 添加漂亮的默认排版,就像您在解析 Markdown 后得到的输出,或者您从 CMS 中提取的内容。

<article class="prose lg:prose-xl">
  <h1>Garlic bread with cheese: What the science tells us</h1>
    For years parents have espoused the health benefits of eating garlic bread with cheese to their
    children, with the food earning such an iconic status in our culture that kids will often dress
    up as warm, cheesy loaf for Halloween.
    But a recent study shows that the celebrated appetizer may be linked to a series of rabies cases
    springing up around the country.
  <!-- ... -->


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