Screenshot of the .NET website hero. To the right is an illustration of something that looks like an "application" split into different layers, all in purple and pink colors. To the left is a headline saying "Build any app with.NET" and eyebrow text above saying "Free. Cross-platform. Open source." Below is a paragraph describing .NET with two buttons: "Download" and "Get started."
Tailwind CSS
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Microsoft .NET

Marketing site for Microsoft's .NET software ecosystem.

.NET is Microsoft's cross-platform software framework for building desktop, mobile, and web-based apps, cloud services, and much more. The marketing website for .NET is built using Tailwind CSS.

Screenshot of a large card with some text promoting the .NET community with a button saying "Get connected." Three large numbers are presented in a blue-purple gradient showing GitHub stars, Twitter followers, and Meetup members.
Large card introducing the .NET developer community, highlighting some key metrics.
Screenshot of the .NET Multi-platform App UI page hero. To the right is an illustration of a laptop, tablet, and smartphone. To the left is a headline saying ".NET Multi-platform App UI." Below is a paragraph describing the framework with two buttons: "Get started" and "Read docs." Below the hero is a three-column grid highlighting three features of the framework, each with an illustration shown above the text.
Hero on the .NET Multi-platform App UI page, one of the frameworks in the .NET ecosystem.
The .NET website hero shown on a 375px wide mobile screen.
Feature section with a headline, some text, and an illustration above, shown on a 375px wide mobile device.
List of cards shown on a 375px wide mobile device.
The .NET website experience on mobile devices.
Screenshot of two sections with a headline and grid of cards below it. The first is a three-column grid, and the cards have a blue-purple-red background gradient across all three rows. The second is a four-column grid where each card has a white background with a red, purple, or pink border. Each card has a little icon above the title.
The homepage features many parts of the large .NET ecosystem — here, presented as cards in a three and four-column grid.
Screenshot of the footer section. The first part features some notable logos, such as the Chipotle logo, text to back up who uses .NET, and a link to read customer stories. Below is a full-width card with a blue-purple background gradient, a headline saying "Ready to get started?", some text about learning .NET, and a button saying "Get started."
Call-to-action to get started with learning .NET at the bottom of the page.